Viva Chile: Thursday, September 30th at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Get to Know the Band: Careful

September 14, 2010 Posted by Viva Chile
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Guest post by Eric Lindley

Careful (AKA Eric Lindley)—Washington Heights, Manhattan

Eric got involved in music through a combination of music theory and lots of punk and Kill Rock Stars -type music passed down through his older sister. He studied orchestral and electro-acoustic music in college and grad school, and carries a lot of musical, technical, and psychological theory into what on the surface could be considered pretty simple, arty, folk songs.

He heard about the Viva Chile project through DJ Keili at WFMU, and decided it was worth way more of his time and effort than just showing up and playing, but figured that he could at least do that.

I finally got the chance to see Eric perform live at the Living Room a couple weeks back. This video is a peek of what to expect from the talented artist.