Viva Chile: Thursday, September 30th at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Get to Know the Artist: Sabino Aguad

September 10, 2010 Posted by Viva Chile
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Guest post by Sabino Aguad

My name is Sabino and I'm a 22 year-old journalism student based in Santiago, Chile. I started taking pictures about one and a half years ago, inspired by amateur photographers that uploaded their photos to the Internet. I haven't studied photography at any institution, so I've learned by reading photography books and seeing tons of photos everyday on the internet. I'm currently using a Nikon FM2 and an Olympus OM-2s, but I'm not that worried about what camera I use. Any SLR 35mm camera works fine for me.

See more of his never before exhibited work at the show.

photo credit: Sabino Aguad