Viva Chile: Thursday, September 30th at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Elisita Punto & Kayrock collaborate on tote for VC

October 11, 2010 Posted by Viva Chile
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Get these while they're hot! These totes were a collaboration between Chilean artist, Elisita Punto's design and Brooklyn based Kayrock's screen printing. Elisita, who once worked at Kayrock when she lived state-side, was excited to reunite and collaborate with them again. Now, these were specifically made for Viva Chile, so limited quantities (31 left, to be exact) people! For $20, you can own this awesome tote.

Think of it this way, the totes are a triple threat, they're functional, they're a piece of art, and all profits go to a good cause...oh they look great too -- make that quadruple threat!

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