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Get to Know the Band: Beach Combers

September 16, 2010 Posted by Viva Chile
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Guest post by Beach Combers

Beach Combers was formed in the spring of 2010. Dayna, the band's singer and guitar player, had recorded dozens of rough tracks on her computer in her bedroom and was eager to play shows and record with a full band—if only so people would stop telling her that her bedroom wasn't a recording studio. Eduardo (drums) was an old friend (not really) and an excellent drummer.

The band began playing live in August and never looked back. Eduardo's brother, who is even more Portuguese than Ed, hopped on the bass and the two-piece became three. Their only release so far is a 3-song demo, aptly named "Demo" but they plan to release an EP late this fall and a real record next spring. Their lo-fi, grungy, girly sound is not unlike if the Moldy Peaches shared a bunkbed with Vivian Girls. And what fun that would be.

If you want to catch them before Viva Chile, they'll be playing Glasslands with Cassie Ramone, 1/3 of the Vivian Girls, on September 19th.