Viva Chile: Thursday, September 30th at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Get to Know the Artist: Cern

September 30, 2010 Posted by Viva Chile
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Guest post: Cern one

I was born in NYC.
I started doing graffiti in Queens around 1990, on the streets and train lines..I simultaneously started doing it everywhere.. Outside and drawing all the time, I stopped doing anything else in school.

Street art is different here because the older generation for the most part still feels graffiti represents the city being out of control and don't respect it as an artform. I think other places are more open to it. But people come here from all over, so there is often a good mix of styles here.

Heironymous Bosch, Lee Quinones, Mode 2, Skeme, my friends, and most artists in general influence my work.

READ MOREI'm always working on oil paintings that take me a long time. Trying to finish some murals before winter. And painting a backboard for the NBA, which will be shown in Miami for Art Basel in December...And always some top secret stuff ......

My style is often romantic, dirty and clean. I like to try new things, and revisit things as well.

Tonight see Cern work his magic at the event! He's got a nice large canvas, kindly donated by Artist & Craftsman, to keep him busy. That piece will later be auctioned off. Do bring in something he can work on for you -- perhaps a board, a small canvas or child?

See you there!