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Books Galore!!

September 1, 2010 Posted by Viva Chile
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It’s very exciting to get snail mail. Especially when it’s not a bill. And especially when it’s a package! Early last week we received a generous donation of books from New Directions, a publishing house based out of New York.

Books include:
The Captain’s Verses by Pablo Neruda
Love Poems by Pablo Neruda

By Night in Chile by Roberto Bolaño
Distant Star by Roberto Bolaño
The Insufferable Gaucho by Roberto Bolaño

These books are among the items that will be auctioned off at, you guessed it, Viva Chile.

Worth mentioning is the cover art for Neruda’s books. Both covers are by Rodrigo Corral, New Direction’s Creative Director at Large . The designs = awesome, so if you haven’t heard of Pablo Neruda (maybe you live under a rock?) or Robert Bolaño, then go ahead and judges these books by their covers, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to Laurie from New Directions for the books -- mucho appreciated!