Viva Chile: Thursday, September 30th at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The GaGa Effect

June 15, 2010 Posted by Viva Chile

Hi Friends-
I’d like to share with you a new term that I’ve coined, The GaGa Effect.It’s a moment when you realize that this world is incredibly small and interconnected — may cause sudden bursts of motivation and productivity. How did I come up with such a term? Well, this past weekend was one like any other.I was going out with my buddy Chris to the L.E.S. to meet up with some of his friends at a bar.We met up, had a few drinks, and moved along to the next one. We walked into the next bar and Chris told me to look up, “yup, that’s Lady GaGa”. I did a double take and I saw Chris’ friend up in the DJ booth, chit chatting away with the bleached-blond-heavy-eye-makeup-fair-skinned GaGa herself.

READ MORE Now I tell you this story not to brag, but to tell you where my new found source of motivation is coming from for this benefit I’m organizing. I’m organizing this benefit and was starting to feel a little deflated and was thinking that I didn’t know enough people, didn’t have enough connections. My experience on Friday simply made me realize that a) I need to go out more and 2) I just need to ask for help, because you or someone you know may be able to help in a big or even small way. I did not ask for GaGa’s help, but this is my attempt at asking you for your help. As you may or may not know, I have been working for a couple months on Viva Chile, an event that will help those affected by the earthquake in Chile. This blog will be a vehicle for spreading the word and a means of raising funds, by way of an auction, to having this event come in to fruition. Every week I will be posting a new item to be auctioned off, after which, all proceeds will go to the costs (i.e. space, equipment, etc).

This is where you come in. In the coming weeks I will be searching for and going to local businesses asking for any sort of donation. This can come in many ways — a meal for two at a great restaurant, a subscription to magazine, free class at a gym. Let your mind go wild! Anything and everything will help. So if you or anyone you know works at an establishment that offers products or services and would like to donate, please contact me at

Anyone that can donate will obviously be featured on the blog, and any further details can be discussed.

Muchicimas gracias and I hope to see you all at Viva Chile,